Latex Love : Kim Kardashian

If you’ve been an avid follower of Kim Kardashian – you probably know that she’s one to set trends like no other. Kim wearing a conventional dress for her debut after her pregnancy announcement? Nah, that just isn’t her thing. So when she showed up to a recent event in Nashville wearing a pinkish-nude latex dress it was certainly no surprise. Yes, you read it right – latex – that shiny, rubbery, figure flattering material. But this is definitely not the first time she’s shown up wearing this material that fits her almost like second skin. She’s worn this fabric and look quite a few times in the past and from what it looks like she’s putting in everything to make this a thing.

With Kim strutting around various events in latex, keeping up with this Kardashian seems pretty inevitable, right? Scroll down to check out some of her coolest latex looks: