Lakmé Fashion Week S/R 2012 : Day Two

Day Two of the fashion week started off for me on the brightest note I could ask for! Why? The ones following me on Twitter might already know this one – because I was selected as the ‘most stylish person of the day’ at LFW and was featured in Nina Manuel’s Video Diary. What’s more? I got a chance to chat up with her about my own style, what made me dress the way I did. The webisode will be on their online channel (LFW TV) soon, so you’ll be seeing here in no time right after.

In the meanwhile, there was good news # 2 for me : I managed to get my hands on the passes for the Little Shilpa/Nitin bal Chauhan & Bibhu Mohapatra show! (Remember me compaining about how bloggers didn’t get to go for the post 5.30pm shows?) So you’ll also be seeing an update on those along with the list, starting just below.

The day started off with Komal Sood‘s designs. Sheer, botany inspired, and a complete mix&match of fabrics like georgettes and starchy cottons. Her collection smartly stood for its bold conjunction of colours and complete contrasts of bright with pastels and relatively duller ones even. On the other hand, Pia Pauro was one designer who’s consumer gave me a very SophisticatedGoanTouristGoingPsy kind of feel. Bold enough to use neons wherever she liked, ankle length footwear and tons of tassels – this pretty lady even managed to mix up Rajasthani prints well into this genre of clothing. (One of my more liked ones, for the day). She conveniently used her silhouette hugging garments lesser, and gave a more free-fall and flow effect to the clothes she made. Perfect for the weather to come, I think. To top it off, she concluded with the pretty mummy Tara Sharma, going all bling.

Post these, there was Suhaani Pittie, petite but confident & great with her work. She gave out a complete monochrome collection, playing with nothing but gold/silver for accessories. I thought the cuts and ensembles were extremely wearable by people on a daily basis, you’ll know what I’m saying  when you see the pictures in the slideshow below.

Payal Khandwala‘s was the show that followed. During that we got to see lots of thick, jute-like fabrics, one shoulders, and high dramatic chinese collars. While the colours were all rock solid, the cuts were more free flowing, in line with the season to come; thus, forming up quite a mix. Pallazzos and dhoti pants were a common sight and they were also seen inside floor length dresses and evening gowns from her collections. After which there was Nimish Shah’s Shift, oversized clutches, utility totes, uber cool ways of wearing the safari look. Tons of starchy highwaists and checkered prints galore! Overall, great trending but not as wearable as one would like.

While Bhairavi Jaikishan‘s show was graced by the new it-girl Amy Jackson, I found her designs a little too passe (& done by ‘other’ designers two seasons ago too). No doubt her work was great and the styling was elegance personified, but personal view was that it was way too BeenThereDoneThat. To add on the PleaseGetThisDoneWith quotient, there was way too much of tassel work being used in the garments. (All along the length of the pallo? Seriously? Too horse-mane like don’t you think?) Because of this, I found Priyadarshini Rao‘s showcase quite a relief. Yes, it was conventional. Yes, it was safe. But the prints and styling that she brought to the table (and lets not forget the affordability factor) was quite refreshing. No shying away from the “refreshing the norm” or “catering to the masses”. This collection was NOT ‘couture’, but stood as one of those that was liked by me amongst the most. Stylish, simple and playing it cool. Add-on factor? She had a little baby (her baby?) walk the last bit of the ramp!

Now here’s the tricky part. I did make it to the Disney showcase by Little Shilpa Nitin Bal Chauhan, but accounting for it to you, no matter with how much effort, would not do justice to the life they brought on the ramp this evening. While I quite liked the ‘Little’ one’s collection a bit more than the other’s, I feel that the new essence and break of monotonous strategy that Nitin’s show had was t.r.e.m.e.n.d.o.u.s! With the models sitting on either ends of the stage all through the showcase, there was a constant buzz of energy – and it did some real wonders for the act. I do wish he would have had more to show for the men than just Mickey printed tee’s and badges, I think he kind of compensated with the work done on the women. Shilpa, I have to say, manages to surprise everyone each year. Going from huge body-add ons to neon lights, there was no element of drama missing from this collection. The cherry on the cake for me? That would have to be the bold move of revamping the disney look into a monochromatic one. The entire collection displayed blacks, whites and in-betweens. My take on that? From the ‘L’ to the ‘O’ to the ‘V’ to the ‘E’.

To conclude the evening there was Bibhu Mohapatra‘s collection, another one of those that had most of us present speechless. While the showcase started off with skirts and blouses, it went on to summer dresses, which further transcended into formal ones and then evening gowns. The impact that this show had, combined with the feel of the overall ambience it created was truly to die for! And really, everything, from the pleats, rouching, or the shaded georgette sheers – all of it looked like this Fairy Tale had come alive.


Overall conclusion of the day: Be brave to communicate what you have to, through patterns, colours or words. Everybody has a story to tell. Share yours!

Now the great part about today is that you’ll be seeing all these images & more on the Facebook Page Albums, so you can get more outfits to look at!

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Yours Fashionably,

– AanamC

Aanam M R Chashmawala | Fashionably Ever After

Aanam M R Chashmawala | Fashionably Ever After


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