Life’s A Beach

I haven’t had a travel plan that’s been a proper vacation for almost a year now. The last off-the-work trip I took was to Bali last year, which was my bachelorette trip. Gerard and I have done a few random weekends here and there; and I have had a butt load of work trips too. But a vacation (even if its a mini one!) hadn’t been on the cards for a while. So the relief that comes with my trip to Thailand starting this weekend is not surprising! Gerard and I are off to a week long mini-cation of sorts with a couple of our friends. We’re doing 3 days in Hua Hin followed by a Bangkok-esque shopping spree that lasts another 5 days. I want to say that I am more excited about the cheap shopping trip leg of the journey, but to be honest, the beach and laze time is just as appealing to me at the moment! (after seven constant working weekends, you can see where I’m coming from right?)

To put the mood from my mind on to a blog, I couldn’t think of a better look than this one. Something that was put together on a whim, has a dressy element – the slightly shaped up skirt – and a more chic but casual top. I like the tie up bit of the busy print more than anything on this look; I find a weird sense of calmness in how well it pulls together the look for me. I also love how the bell sleeves add the drama; and of course the fact that the top would go just as well with a pair of denims or shorts as it does with this skirt or possibly anything else from my wardrobe. I have to admit though, mixing up a fully printed top with a self-details skirt wasn’t something I would normally do, but in keeping with my perpetual formula of ‘trying something before you can say no’, I just had to give it a shot. And hey, I am not complaining!

On a side-note: I hope you guys like the new look and feel of the blog. I have been doing aplenty research for this and have stayed up some longggg nights to make this happen. So I hope you like it, and hope that’s easily accessible from all kinds of devices!

Top: LoveGenration / Skirt & heels : Local LA Store  / Earrings: Spades / Hair & makeup: Naima Rahimtulla [InstagramEmail] / Nails: Paintbox Nail Studio / Location Courtesy: Renaissance Convention Centre and Hotel, Mumbai / Photos by: Clicked by Disha Vaswani; Edited by me / Co-ordinated by: Disha Vaswani