Little Red Riding Hood

Some of you may have seen the Instagram picture I recently shared on the Facebook Page, where I clearly mentioned how frustrating it’s been, trying to shop over the past few weeks. Having to pick between a style and/or price tag that suits you can be quite a pain, which is when I decided to take matters in my own hands!

My newest hobby has been to get my own clothes designed and stitched, so the style AND budget suit me. Amongst all the new add-on’s to my collection, this blingy skirt is definitely one of my favourites! And the shirt (that I also had custom made) complements it just beautifully! What do you think?

Red shirt & blingy skirt – Custom made | Tan handbag – Hong Kong | Gold neckpiece – FEA Store

Yours Fashionably,

Aanam C (:


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