Little Secrets From ‘Round The World

Beauty is something we’ve all started taking very seriously in the realm of the internet over the past two years. We’re exploring more than ever before, or going beyond the usual ‘Instagram perfect’ imagery. In keeping with that mood, I wanted to bring up a brand that I personally think is doing some amazing work in the bath and body space, a brand that you have for sure heard me speak about on multiple occasions in the past – Global Beauty Secrets.

GBS, as they’re fondly called, is a brand that’s all about taking little secret ingredients and bringing them home to us in India. Every part of the world has their own local version of ghar ka nuska that makes their skin or hair uniquely beautiful to their locale. With the help of a brand like this, all of it becomes accessible to us!

With hero products from countries like Turkey, Japan, Egypt, Greece and of course our very own homeland India, the company aims to bring forward diversity in their offerings and guarantees you’ll find something for every skin or hair need. I often use their products in my shower routines, and have created a little video on it too. Click on this link to check it out!