Makeup Lessons With Bobbi Brown

“I believe that all women are pretty without makeup, and can be pretty powerful with the right makeup!”

– Bobbi Brown

I’ve always loved to experiment with makeup: colours, textures, layers, even brands. But I’ve never really had the opportunity to sit down and get a formal beauty lesson – so far, it’s always pretty much been trial and error. So when I was offered to go through an exclusive one hour session with Eliano Bou Assi, Manager of Artistry & Education, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics for Europe, Middle East, Africa & India, I grabbed the opportunity with both hands! I was asked to make a list of makeup queries I had for this hour long session, and I was, of course, more than prepared to go in with a volley of doubts I’ve had for the longest time. Keeping in mind that my idea of makeup is very natural and real-girl-style, I wanted to know about the key aspects of make up with which I could modify and rework to make my everyday makeup look better. Here’s what I learnt:

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>> It isn’t about fairer skin tones, it’s about brighter ones

Unfortunately a lot of Indian women go by the ideology that ‘fairer women are pettier women’, but in all honesty, I’m personally extremely proud of my Brown Indian colour. However, one thing that Eliano said to me rings in my ears clearly, “they subconsciously aim for brighter looks, not fairer”. The key to this? Pick your foundation carefully. The texture is just as important as the colour of your base.

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>> Concealer is the mother of all other products

A little stroke of concealer can change your look in a massive way! Each of us has slightly pigmented skin on some parts of our face, and you just have to know how to wear and blend your concealer correctly. A little trick? Let your concealer be one-two shades lighter than your skin tone. This will help brighten up your under eye areas when blended with your foundation.


>> Corrections with correctors

I never used correctors in my daily makeup routine makeup up until a couple of months ago, but since I did start, I know how drastic the difference has been. Eliano pointed out that your corrector needs to go in before your concealer, and you need to blend them well in the dark spots, blemishes or slight pigmented areas.

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>> Minimalism never fails

It isn’t about using a whole lot of product, but using small quantities and blending it in to make it look like full coverage. So don’t assume that you have to have foundation all over your face, but just spots of it in the places needed should be good enough for a natural finish.


>> Say hello to blending and good bye to cakey looks

No one likes to look like they have a whole lot of makeup on, and that only reminds me of how my beauty guru for the day pointed out to me during my session with him, “if someone tells you they like how you’ve done your base, go and wash it off – base it meant to be invisible, they shouldn’t be able to see it in the first place!” – and I couldn’t agree more.

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>> A pinch of colour

Take a well suited colour of your blush and dab it gently on the apples of your cheeks. Don’t let the colour look like “colour”, your cheeks need to look natural enough to pass off as if they’ve just been pinched!


>> Let your eyes do the talking

Whether you’re opting for a smokey eye or a natural look, don’t let your eyes look dull. If you’re wearing gel or a kajal stick, make sure it defines your eyes to the fullest. A lot of Indian women tend to wear kohl just below the eyes and not above, which makes you look not just older than your actual age, but also makes your eyes look droopy after some time. To avoid this, make sure you either wear your definition up and down or just on the upper eye lid.

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>> The beauty lies in the details

We often forget about little details while working on our makeup looks – like our eyebrows. Bushy eyebrows may be among the biggest in things this season, but even if you weren’t to follow every trend there is, don’t forget to define those details. Use a dark brown that comes closest to your hair shade and fill up those brows – the definition that small little step will give your face will be amazing!


>> Finishing touches

The best finishing touches come with the right mascara and lip tint. Bobbi’s interviews always have her talking about textures, and that’s very important when you’re picking out your potential new lip-BFF.

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I hope that this post has been as helpful for you as the session was for me. For all you BB lovers in Bombay, there’s an added point with great news: Bobbi Brown’s first store in Bombay is all set to open this week at Palladium, High Street Phoenix! (Finally!) If you’re as excited as I am, don’t forget to show off all your shopping on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtags #PrettyPowerful and/or #BobbiBrownIndia 🙂

Until next time xA