#ManeStory: Hairstyles You’ve Been Loving Off The IIFA 2015 Red Carpet

Blusher, lipstick, mascara, outfits, high heels, the gown trails and the stunning bright lips – none of it is complete without the perfect hairdo. All you’re going to be left with is a pretty girl whose hair is totally out of control, if you don’t know how to tame your tresses – in a manner that suits your hair type best. This past weekend, we’ve seen some of the most beautiful women from the Bollywood industry take on hair fashion like never before. From the side sweeps to top knots, from textured hair to sleek and straight, we’ve pretty much seen it all over the three glamorous green and red carpet nights at the IIFA Awards. Much like the time I decoded the gorgeous hairstyles off the Cannes Film Festival for you, I’m going to break these looks down step by step to show you how we can work around these stunning hair do’s – happy reading!

Shraddha Kapoor’s beach friendly waves

Beach waves are easily one of the most popular trends this season, with the summer vibe taking over in general – apart from everything else. But one of the biggest problems women face about trying to get this hairdo is finding the balance between the messy, slightly grunge look and the glamorous well shaped curls. My solution to this? The BBlunt Climate Control Anti Frizz Leave In Cream – this is a product that helps you tame those tresses and lets you get the desired hairstyle in just a few minutes. Personally, I prefer to apply a small, drop sized amount in sections of my hair, strand by strand. If you like, you can use this product all the way till the middle of your hair length, too.

3 Shraddha Kapoor at IIFA 2015 copy

The textured top knot on Lisa Haydon

Firstly, let’s all just take a minute to notice how this woman has literally no bad angle. She looks stunning in every kind of light and in pretty much everything she wears. Such an eternal #GirlCrush <3 Anyway, getting back to the topic of hair: Lisa’s hairdo is utterly chic, and it has this whole chilled out, yet Greek Goddess like vibe to it. It’s a simple top knot with added texture to the top, and here’s how you can ace this look as well:

>> Start with roughly combing your hair out – and skip the brush or comb for this, opt for your finger tips instead

>> Use some Climate Control Anti Frizz Leave In Cream on the tips and lower strands of your hair, add some Back To Back To Life Dry Shampoo in the crown area, to add the gorgeous texture

>> Now toss your hair downward (remember the way I did it while showing you how to make the most of dry shampoo?) and pull it all up to make it into a bun, right on the top of your hair – as much towards the crown area as possible

>> Secure your knot with bobby pins and complete the look with the Spotlight Hair Polish that’ll help keep your look shining and glossy through the evening

>> A little cheat tip: try to keep your hair tied up for an hour or so before you try this out. A couple of drops of Gel Oh! will help give you the added texture you might be looking for to liven up your evening look

1 Lisa Haydon at IIFA 2015 copy

The sleek, feminine and sexy ponytail on Malaika Arora Khan

So this one’s a classic; we’ve seen women at various events sporting these all-clean looks and they look nothing short of elegant. I’m going to list out the easiest three steps for you to keep in mind while trying to get this look:

>> Use the Full On Volume shampoo & conditioner to wash your hair, which will help keep your volume in check while maintaining it’s natural look

>> Use a tail comb, and finely, make a partition in your hair that doesn’t go all the way at the back

>> Now with the help of an invisible band, secure the ponytail at the lowest angle you prefer, and complete the look by setting it in with Volumising Leave In Spray that will maintain the full-thickness look through the evening

2 Malaika Arora Khan at IIFA 2015 copy

Up-straight: glam and glossy like Bipasha Basu

Getting your hair game on is something we can werq through techniques and hairstyle procedures, but to pull of an au naturale look in a manner that doesn’t look too made up? Now that’s easily the toughest one of the lot. Bipasha Basu manages to look easy chic through her straight tresses, here’s what you need to keep in mind while trying the look out:

>> Second day hair is best for something like this, try out the BBlunt Intense Moisture Shampoo a day before giving yourself the everyday-chic look

>> Now give yourself a natural blow dry and/or straighten it, depending on how concentrated you want the fall of your hair to be

>> Cheat tip: Straighten your hair a day before you try this and give it a light blow dry on the day of your red carpet look

>> Comb our your hair with a fine toothed comb to make sure there are no knots, and complete it by setting it in place for the evening with the Spotlight Hair Polish4 Bipasha Basu at IIFA 2015 copy

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