May 2013 : Lust List

[dropcap]While[/dropcap]¬†I spend so many hours browsing over on the internet each and every day, at least half of it is spent lusting over things I’d like to look at, would like to own, sometimes just eye candy; and some of which I eventually get down to buying. While lusting over fashion eye candy from fashion weeks¬†can be a lot more wounding than helpful, here’s a smaller list of stuff I’m loving from the fashion & beauty categories this time around. And yes, I promise to try to share my lust lists more often ūüôā


What_when_wear_lustmay1) Stuck With Stupid Shirt From Quirk Box – The first thing I said when I saw this was ‘So cute!’. The sketchy print is perfect and I love the style of the shirt. From what I saw on their site, you can wear the style as a dress too – bonus points for being summer and beach friendly!

Great with: Shorts, denims, just a dress

Style statement: Casual, chic

Priced at: Approximately 1600 INR

2) Clinique Chubby Stick – Here’s something I just had to go and get! Available in a variety of shades, I opted for exactly the one I’ve used in the picture above. A deep shade of berry, the stick is a tinted lip balm that’s just the right kind of matte.

Great with: Day or night make up

Style statement: It’s a deep shade, so it’s not exactly bubbly and teenage girlie, but it has a beautiful elegance to it

Priced at: Approximately 1100 INR

3) Mint Green Aviators from Accessorize – Another one that made me go ‘Oooh!’ I think these sunnies are perfect for summer and the color is just so fresh and wearable.

Great with: ANYTHING!

Style statement: Summer, chic and absolutely sexy

Priced at: Approximately 1800 INR

4) Hot Pink Box Clutch from The Peacock Plume – Very, very, me. That’s literally what made me love it. It’s pink with a gold buckle, gold chain and by the looks of it, will fit everything from my house keys, car keys to my cash/card with a lipstick. What else does a girl need for a night out?

Great with: Party wear in literally any color – I love treating my pinks like the blacks and whites

Style statement: Feminine, powerful and definitely eye-catching

Priced at: Approximately 1600 INR

5) Black Studded Flats from Gotta Habbit – Practicality meets stylish, literally. The color black is naturally going to go with everything in your wardrobe, and the studs definitely sync in the trend quotient.

Great with: Shorts, denims or boho dresses

Style statement: Biker girl, boho with a pinch of trendy chic

Priced at: Approximately 1500 INR