Midnight Romance

There are multiple things that consist of my midnight romance, it just depends on which day of the week you ask me. On Mondays and Tuesdays, it’s usually my laptop – because I’m catching up on emails and video edits from the weekend. Mid-week, it usually moves over to being a mix of snacks and a binge watch session of some re-run or the other (usually FRIENDS or SATC). Over the weekend though, it’s probably some music or a late night party. What I’m essentially trying to say is – don’t generalise. What my week starts with, is probably not the same thing it will end with. Much like life, eh?

Today’s blog post’s midnight blue look is an inspiration for what the season ahead holds for me. A little fall-ish, with a whole lot of party in it. I feel like this Palak Parikh Autumn/Winter 2017 look is exactly my frame of mind form right now. It’s a melange of comfort that’s still sexy. The colour screams royalty, and I love the attention to detail in the work across the back. If I were to describe this outfit in a line, I would say that it’s an amazing hybrid between the tuxedo and an LBD.

While summer is officially long gone (still always on my mind!) and fall fashion is in full force, I’m going to encourage all those of you who may not already own a pair of statement heels to go out there and make sure you own at least one sexy pair. Ankle length or knee high boots, or even or something that’s eclectic – the choice if yours to make. Just remember to have at least one of the most stand-out pairs ever. Make sure it’s high on quality, specially if it’s the only statement one you’re going to own.

On a finishing note, I want every girl out there to try new things in her world of beauty. Be it a touch of glitter on the eyes, or a winged type that you may have practised to perfect. Remember, that a full look isn’t complete till you have your makeup and hair on fleek.

If you’d like to know more about the outfit I have on, make sure you check out the new collection by Palak Parikh. If the sight of it doesn’t make you want to shop, then I don’t know what will!

Outfit: Palak Parikh / Heels: RomWe / Makeup & hair: Naima Rahimtulla (EmailInstagram) / Nails: Paintbox Nail Studio  / Location: The Third Floor / Photos: Clicked by Disha Vaswani; edit by me / Co-ordination: Disha Vaswani