Mixing Vibes

The year 2018 has started off on quite an interesting note for me. From bringing on new people to work with, to ideating on some new genres of content I plan on working towards; I’m aiming at keeping the energy going only higher instead of letting it fizz out as the word ‘resolutions’ phases out gradually. For the first time in a long time, I’ve made a list of things I know I want to achieve – or get closer to – for the year to come. Be it fitness with workouts or eating right, to the idea of making more ‘me time’ than I’ve been able to in the last few months of 2017. I think I’ve also come to a point in my life where I’ve truly learnt the meaning of being comfortable without completely understanding, or ‘boxing’ certain ideas. Being the hyper-organised person that I’ve always been, I often get upset when a certain business plan doesn’t go my way. Not letting this upset me easily is something I’ve worked towards – no body’s perfect, right? And to sort of symbolise the comfort I’m finding in allowing things to be mixed up once in a while, I put together something that’s not been my usual go-to style through this latest outfit post.

You might notice through my personal style series that I’m quite a moody dresser. I might shuffle between looks, but they’re always, individually, within certain ‘zones’. Work friendly, edgy, ethnic – you’ve seen it all if you’ve ever come across the #AanamsOOTD series on my ‘gram, too. So in the spirit of experimenting and allowing for things to be a little off the hook from the usual for my personal style, I dug out one of the jumpsuits I’ve had for a while. I jazzed it up with a little bohemian feel through the dual toned, anarkali style cape from Saaksha and Kinni. I felt like the structure of the jumpsuit, so modern and and stylish was an interesting mix with this soft, breezy cape. The sequin details on the cuff and the contrast in the colours of red and green made it different from what I know I would be used to. Am I going to try and do more of this in 2018? I think so! And you know what, I’m also going to work on finding the balance between allowing certain things in my life to ‘be’, just the the flow of the river, or even  the flow of this gorgeous, anarkali style cape.

Jumpsuit: Blanco (LA) / Cape: Saaksha & Kinni / Heels: Zara / Earrings: Ritika x Minerali / Rings: Bespoke fine jewels / Makeup and hair: Naima Rahimtulla Nails: Paintbox Nail Studio / Location: Flavour Diaries / Photos: Shot by Disha Vaswani; Edited by me