Monochrome Casuals

There’s something about a monochrome ensemble that makes it an all time go-to – it’s perfect for when you’re in a hurry, a no brainer for when you can’t decide what to wear and just the right colour combination to pair with any kind of bottom. The black and white pairing instantaneously ups even the most casual outfit to classic status. Something that makes you feel ready to take on the day. And what if we told you 90’s kids that you could wear the love of your favourite fandom right on your sleeves? Well, Celio India has been amping up their huge range of clothes with some quirky inputs from the Star Wars series as part of their ‘star’ collaboration this year. Their cool prints and this particular monochrome tee caught our attention, because hey, who doesn’t want to be a fashion ‘force’ to be reckoned with? (see what we did there!)

It blends in beautifully with a pair of jet blue denims and the lack of colour lends it a mature vibe for all you millenials who grew up loving the series. You can pair this ensemble with some dark sunnies and white trainers for a casual look, or even add on a layer with a white leather jacket if you feel like going all sci-fi. Scroll ahead to get inspired and of course, may the force be with you: monochrome-casual-cool-celio-what-when-wear-for-him-7 monochrome-casual-cool-celio-what-when-wear-for-him-6 monochrome-casual-cool-celio-what-when-wear-for-him-5 monochrome-casual-cool-celio-what-when-wear-for-him-4 monochrome-casual-cool-celio-what-when-wear-for-him-1 monochrome-casual-cool-celio-what-when-wear-for-him-2 monochrome-casual-cool-celio-what-when-wear-for-him-3

Outfit: Celio*

Model: Saaquib Ayubi (Email for bookings; Instagram) / Styling: Aanam C / Hair & Makeup: Naima Rahimtulla (Email; Facebook; Instagram) /  Photos: Harshad Sutar / Coordinator: Disha Vaswani