Hey There Fashion Girl, Your Monsoon Wardrobe Is Incomplete Without This List Of Essentials!

A flock of grey clouds have swarmed over the city (finally!) to signal the end of the summer heat and the beginning of one of our favourite seasons of the year. Who doesn’t love those gloomy afternoons with coffee and the spontaneous drives to the other side of town? Then again, there’s no doubting that the monsoon comes with its’ set of troubles-traffic jams, floods and those dreadful puddles that pose to be a living nightmare for every fashionista and her glam footwear. But if you think that doesn’t mean we let it dull our fire – you’re on the right track.

So if you’ve had your share of involuntarily going all gothic with that smudged eyeliner and throwing away a pair of perfectly good shoes – because hey, the rain’s ruined them anyway – here’s our list of ten accessories and make-up products you have to get your hands on this season to help you combat the monsoon in style.

1. Jelly Sandals

Monsoon Essentials

These hassle-free waterproof sandals are available in so many different styles and colors almost everywhere, from high-end brands to those little shops on the streets.

2. Shorts

Monsoon Essentials

Keep up with the monsoon vibe with pretty printed shorts so you don’t have to worry about soiling the edges on your denims. Plus they’re super easy to dry!

3. Plastic Totes and Clutches

Monsoon Essentials

Have mercy on those precious leather bags and opt for something way more convenient like these plastic totes available in solid and transparent colours. For a night out during this season, get your hands on some patent leather or perspex clutches that are ultra trendy.

4. Waterproof Eyeliner

Monsoon Essentials

The monsoon shouldn’t be an excuse for you to step out without that perfect winged liner. We personally recommend the Lakme Eyeconic kajal for the waterline and Bobbi Brown’s gel eyeliner for the eyelid.

5. Lipsticks


It’s probably the season to bid adieu to those glossy numbers that are sure to spread once it pours. Invest in a long-lasting matte lipstick from brands like MAC or Faces Ultime Pro range that stay on almost the entire day without having to re-apply them.

6. Waterproof Liquid Foundation

monsoon essentials

This serves as the base for any other form of make-up you want to apply. It’s absolute essential to invest in a good waterproof foundation during this season. Try out the MAC Matchmaster or Lakme 9 to 5 Liquid Foundation that also doubles up as a concealer.

7. Rubber Watches

Monsoon Essentials

Say hello to these colorful retro watches that add a much needed blush of color to the all-grey weather. You’ll find them from brands like Swatch or even while street shopping at great prices.

8. Flip Flops

Monsoon Essentials

Possibly one of the best things about the rainy weather is that wearing flip flops for a casual day out isn’t something that’s frowned upon anymore. Yay! Make sure you pick up a wacky print with a good grip. We don’t want you slipping down those stairs now, do we?

9. Tech Accessories

Monsoon Essentials

Commuting around in this weather is tiresome enough. Plus the added pressure of making sure you protect that expensive smartphone and laptop from the stormy rains. Add some waterproof tech accessories to your shopping list and enjoy a hassle-free monsoon.

10. Umbrellas

Monsoon Essentials

Last but not the least, the accessory of the season! The just-a-utility umbrella has transformed into a modern fashion accessory with its funky prints, frills and even some shimmer to keep up with the trends.