The Rings You Must Have

We all know the capability that an accessory possesses in transforming the outfit like no other! Jewels, pearls, stones, color stones, chains, bling, glass-beads etc. you name it and you know that all of these elements play a part in part role for the creation of something spectacular! Narrowing down to rings in the accessory category, we bring to you the latest trending rings that are creating a rage on all social websites and of course on every gorgeous woman’s finger. Have a look!

The Midi Ring

midi rings

More or less like a midi dress that stops mid-length below your knees, similar ones are midi rings that are to be worn midway between the tip of your finger and its beginning. The best part about these rings? You could wear as many as possible without making it look shabby and overdone. These are dainty and super chic!

The Connecting Ring

connecting ring

It’s a piece of two rings where it’s connected by a chain and designed in a variety of ways to make it look funky and attractive! If you want to do away with wearing anything on your hand then this ring adds enough balance and substance to the look making it seem all dolled up. This is one of a kind and usually likable!

The Knuckle Ring

knuckle ring

Knuckle up with this trend-setting ring that adds a bold statement easily. It’s size doesn’t really matter, what matters is that it’s one of the latest jewelry must-haves. A great way in order to add more texture to your accessorizing game.

The Cocktail Ring

cocktail ring

What’s not to love about this over-sized ring with its large stones as the center-piece and its intricate detailing? It’s been there since time memorial and we keep loving all its reinventions, this one particularly illuminates the attire to a whole new level.

The Double-Finger Ring

double finger

This new piece is being seen on almost every nook and corner of accessory shops and streets. Just when one couldn’t get enough of one fab ring came in the double-finger ring! These, worn on two fingers adds the extra dimension and yet keeps it simple and trendy.

The Palm Ring

palm ring

Here we come to a even bolder expression in jewelry. The palm ring is the one that is worn all the way around your palm mid-length, what we love about this ring is its peculiarity but it still doesn’t notch down when it comes to making a style statement! Choosing a right kind of pattern makes a difference in this one, watch out.

The Stack Ring

stack ring

These are small bands worn with other multiple bands. It’s almost like a compilation of different variations all put together on one finger. Best part about this? You could pair up any kind of thin bands and create your own look every time! Comes in elegant as well as big stoned designs. Splurge on both for a great amalgamation!