Neutral Vibes

Everyone seems to naturally gravitate towards coolness, don’t you think? You’ve got your sporty and your enthusiastic, your supportive and your mysterious, and of course everyone has preferences, but for some reason, the cool guy is liked and adored by all. Maybe its just got something to do with the way they carry themselves, or the quiet nonchalance that they treat everything with, or maybe its just that you like the way they make you feel when they grin at you, whatever may be your reason, there is something undeniably attractive about a cool guy.

They say you can’t dress up like a cool guy, if you’re not really one – but we disagree. If you ask us, your daily outfits have a lot to do with the kind of day you will have. For example, if you’re dressed in your oldest t-shirt, which you don’t even like anymore, no matter what happens to you that day, you are not going to feel good about yourself. In the same way, even if your day has gone by horribly, if you feel good about the way you’re dressed, you’re going to feel confident even at the end of it. We like to think that the same philosophy applies to being cool. If you’re dressed cool, you’ll feel cool. And if you’re wondering how exactly does one dress cool, don’t worry, we’re here to tell you.

Firstly, you need a crisp white shirt. One of the best things about a crisp white shirt is its versatility. Now instead of pairing it with darker colours, you can choose to go all neutral like shown here. Pair the shirt with one of your whitewashed trousers and give your outfit a cool blue look. Nothing works better with the outfit than a tan satchel and your favourite pair of aviators. A pair of fancy shoes made in complementary colours works brilliantly to complete the suave, chilled out outfit. Bonus points to the fact that a look like this is easy enough to take to college, work or even just a day out!

Neutral Vibes His Look Book 1

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Neutral Vibes His Look Book 3

Neutral Vibes His Look Book 9

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Neutral Vibes His Look Book 6

Linen shirt: Pepe Jeans India / Pants: Levis / Sunnies & bag: Hidesign / Shoes: Koovs


A What When Wear Story:

Model: Saaquib Ayubi (Email for bookings; Instagram)

Styled in collaboration with: Jennifer Mehta

Hair & Makeup: Naima Rahimtulla (Email; Facebook; Instagram)

Location Courtesy: The Park Hotel, Navi Mumbai

Photos: Harshad Sutar

Special thanks to Gerard Jayaranjan