#NoStressTress: Hair 101 For The Real Girl

Every girl out there has had a day in her life when her entire outfit is on point – but those frizzy, crazy tresses just refuse to stand right. Relatable much? Well, it’s time to say goodbye to those days because you can now solve all your hair-related dilemmas with a little tweet. BBLUNT recently had a tweet up with Purplle where expert hair stylist and founder of BBLUNT, Adhuna Akhtar, gave instant and personalised solutions to make sure every user who tweeted in with the hashtag #BBLUNTwithPurplle had their hair game right this monsoon. ‘No stress tress’ is now a reality!

For those of you who missed on the opportunity to participate in this tweet up, don’t you worry. We’ve rounded-up some of the most basic queries related to styling your beloved locks and maintaining them that were a part of the #BBLUNTwithPurplle twitter conversation and have their decoded solutions on hand for all you girls and guys out there. Scroll down for the ultimate guide-

1. To use a styling product during the monsoon or not?

As much as we enjoy the rains with the gloomy skies and stay-at-home weather, we can’t help but notice there’s always a certain change in our tresses – they tend to become more frizzy because of the humidity in the air and they just don’t seem to stand right. BBLUNT suggests:

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2. What’s the quick-fix solution to dense and dry hair?

Dense hair is a blessing in many forms. It can be styled in so many different ways and gives that whole voluminous look that’s so sought after. However, in some cases it tends to dry up because of external factors. BBLUNT suggests:

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3. What’s the best way to dry curly hair?

Curly hair looks gorgeous and can add so much drama to your overall look. But over-voluminous curls can prove to be a real hassle. To get it right, BBLUNT suggests you dry your hair with a diffuser and use their HD Curl and Climate Control products.

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4. What’s the best way to style shoulder-length hair?   So you’ve got mid-length hair and you want to have a little fun look this season without having to worry about tying it up? BBLUNT suggests a trendy bob. After all: it’s the Year of the Bob right?

5. What’s the best haircare routine for normal hair?

Some of us are blessed with relatively normal hair and no-stress about it being dry or too oily. However, regular maintainence is necessary to help it maintain it’s balance and quality. BBLUNT suggests you regularly use their Balance and Volume ranges in alternation.

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6. How do you add shine to dull hair?

Every girl wants that gorgeous shine when the spotlight falls on her tresses. Well, the solution to this problem? Regular conditioning with BBLUNT’s Spotlight range of course!

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With this Hair 101, we’re pretty sure you have Happy Hair Days ahead!

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