#OneYear With Jean-Claude Biguine India

Jean-Claude Biguine is one of those salon and spas that’s easy to make your go-to. With the convenience with the number of branches, the friendliness of the staff and the finish they have in their work, you know for sure that you can make this place your weekend-home (and what a glamorous one!). Through the week that’s gone by, we at What When Wear have had a gala time while hosting the #OneYear contest on our Instagram profile, where we urged our followers to participate and win complete hair makeovers with cuts and styling from the team of experts at JCB. We’ve been getting comments and emails asking us about the announcements of the winners, and we’ve come down to the three lucky winners who’ll be winning themselves some pampering time. The winners are: @crazyragz_16, @kacchikairi & @freni9! Congratulations ladies, you’ve won yourselves some real treats for the week to come!

In addition to the fun week we’ve had hosting the contest, we also had a small little get-together of sorts for bloggers and friends to catch up and enjoy the services from the Khar branch of JCB (Linking Road). All of us spent the evening getting super-pampered, with manicured, pedicures, hair makeovers (check mine out!) over wine and cheese. The best part about the evening? No no, not the return presents – though the amazing gift cards in them were definitely a bonus point – we’re talking about the fun photo booth corner we set up for everyone to have a little fun! Check out all pictures here, and make sure you go over to the Facebook Page Album for more!









Until next time,

xo, A