Pastel Washed Streets

Walking around the streets of Bombay reminds me of two extreme things: the fast pace of so many, many lives that breathe through the city; and the fact that despite the speed, there’s a certain energy in breaking against the cliche of that wind. There’s something so fascinating about the quick lives we live, and yet, something so thrilling about taking a weekend get away to do nothing but relax and unwind.

On a random day where I met up with our very own, Megha Mehta post-work, we decided to work on an improv outfit post, simply because.. well, simply because we felt like it. It’s a boon to get a couple of hours to yourself in between a chaotic week (announcements coming soon on that!) when you’ve taken only two days off over the past three months. So walking around the streets of Bandra with the childhood friend only had us talking about the serenity of this city. The pictures we clicked, happened to be in complete sync with the subject we were on: a chaotic but beautifully colored background, sprayed across with a plainly pastel jumpsuit. The simplicity always stands out amidst a herd of things trying so hard to be different. Another thing the frame of these pictures and my then-current mood had in common was the fusion of contemporary thoughts and Indian value. How is that in this picture? I was wearing my newest Anita Dongre (AND) jumpsuit, along with my mom’s wedges and very Indian-ish earrings. Maybe it was the day, maybe it was meant to be. I guess we’ll never know.

Outfit details: Jumpsuit – AND by Anita Dongre | Wedge heels: Bakers (borrowed from my mom) | Earrings: Sourced | Tote: Zara


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Photography by Megha Mehta