Peplum, and How

Aaaaah! So my graduation exams are going on and honestly, I can’t bring myself to leave my blog alone. So here’s a post for you guys on the current trend that’s all over the place – the peplum. I promise to come back with LOTS more as soon as I’m done with these university exams (I can smell freedom already!) so stay tuned 🙂

Peplum, the trend that’s made  a comeback from the yester-years to the ramps today, is being seen all over – from Lakme Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012 to actors donning the look, the world over. A very classy, sophisticated avatar for those of you who dress in formal attires for work, parties or even MBA school. Here are a couple of things for you to remember while losing your peplum-ginity:

– This one’s a strict no-no for broad, heavy hips. The cut of the outfit evidently emphasizes the hip portion, so if you possess a pear shaped physique, bid this one good-bye.

– Boots? Hell no! You don’t want to be seen in a pair of boots when you’re wearing a look so chic. Bring out the stilettos! Even pumps, or shoots (ankle length booties, a breed of super-short boots) would be better than boots.

– Colour match, maybe not. The peplum does not permit you to go OTT with matching colours. Please don’t opt for a matching sun-hat, shoes, bag, etc. The reason I emphasize on this is because you don’t want to look like an on-duty flight attendant.

– No loose shirts please. A loose shirt on high-waist skirts looks OnlyTooSexy, but if you try that on a peplum you’re going to mess it up. Remember, there’s already an away-from-fitted look with the cut, if you add more of a loose-look to it, you’re only going to land up looking like you’re swimming (which I’m pretty sure is not the aim).

– A lot of people love to add up stockings on their peplum skirts, short dresses, which is a great way of revamping the look. But keep in mind that full stockings (foot covered) cannot be worn with peep-toes. No matter if there’s just one toe popping out or a half, you can’t have yourself pouring the toes through the sheer of the stockings (read: tacky!). A great way to evade this is to simply have your stockings cut and finished at the ankle, so you’re revealing what’s your toe, not the sheer’ed-toe.

Peplums Taking Over

Peplums Taking Over

Well I hope this works for you, and that you keep it in mind when you go shopping for your peplums. Make sure you share your views on the points and even show is what you bought once you do!

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Yours Fashionably,

– A