Photo Diary: Fooding Around at #TodiSocial

The newest addition to the #SocialOffline family is officially in the house: #TodiSocial was launched roughly two weeks ago, with a whole new introduction to their Mumbai chain concept. The Social branch at Todi Mills now brags of a separate floor that has a convenient space for people to use as make shift offices. Equipped with everything from printers, 3D printers, conference room areas and separate little booths that offer convenient spaces along with privacy to have your meetings at, Social has introduced the concept of mobile offices in Mumbai, a whole new way. Already having achieved great success with this model with their branches in Delhi, this super affordable style of serving people services that are great not just for your work life, but also your appetite, seems pretty cool to me. So when Team Social gave me a call and invited Team What When Wear to spend a day at their newest property, we couldn’t help but see what it was like for ourselves.

Three of us from the team spend an entire day (from noon to about 6pm) working from Todi, enjoying the food being graciously served to us and having a rather exciting day, compared to most others. Between the delicious food and drinks, I managed to get a few shots that I think you might want to see, so keep scrolling and take a look at everything that went into our tummies on that day. But before I let you go, I have to let you know that the office-usage services at Todi Social are offered to people on a monthly membership basis of roughly around INR 5,000 – all of which is redeemable in the form of food and drinks! NOW, you may scroll on! 🙂

Until next time xA

Photos by Aanam C