Playing By The Rules, NOT

As women, we’re always told to follow a specific code of behaviour – personally, professionally, for your wardrobe or not – and come monsoons, it doesn’t change one bit. “Avoid white clothes”, “avoid white pants”, “avoid white anything” – I’m honestly tired of hearing that. If you know how and where to war your favourite pieces, why shouldn’t you – right? When I’m deciding what to wear through the day, I think of two main factors: (a) where all I need to be in the day: the way you dress for a regular day about town might be different from the way you dress for a meeting or a date, and you will naturally want to take either into consideration (b) how you’re going to be traveling: while this is something that should always be on your list, I’m usually paying extra attention to it in the rains

Coming to my look: As most of you who follow my blog regularly might already know – I’m a moody dresser. While on most days I opt for minimalistic pieces with hints of pops through accessories or makeup accents, over the past few days I’ve been feeling a little mix of the bohemian-chic vibes. Of course you know that ‘retro‘ is easily one of the biggest trends this season, so I chose to put together a look for this post that sort of combines three of my current moods: the 70’s, monochrome and the mix of easy chic and the hippie vibe. Oversized clothes are something I think every girl should own to up that style quotient every now and then, so I do threw on a shift fit crop top, wide leg pants and minimal accessories.

Crop top & wide leg pants: Vero Moda / Bracelet: Je Couturier / Earrings: House Of Shikha / Heels: also seen here

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Until next time xA

Photos by Megha Mehta