Putting It Together

Putting It Together Start Up ImagePutting it together – two of my currently favorite trends. Crop tops are great for those of us who aren’t conscious of their middle regions; while high-waists are loved by almost everyone. A little style tip for those of you want to get into croppies, but are way too conscious? Slip on a long camisole under your crop top – not only does this hide your tummy and conceal your conscious region, but also tucks in your waist a little bit, depending on how tight your inner layer is. I paired up this blingy crop-top with high-waist pants (that are actually from an Indian hijaar-suit actually) since I liked to look of the loose pants for the top. Oversized earrings (sourced/WWW Shop) to go with the Gaga-heels and my ready-to-go Zara bag.

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* Photo Credits: Megha ‘Magz’ Mehta Photography