Queen Of The Covers: Lisa Haydon

The bold and the beautiful Lisa Haydon has been the envy of almost every girl this year with her lustrous locks and that perfectly chiseled face. We’ve been spotting this leggy model-turned-actor setting fire to almost every magazine cover in the past few years. It’s not just her killer looks that have left us floored – her role as the independent single mother in Queen truly proves that she’s the ultimate #GirlBoss. She’s been one of the most prominent ladies on the modeling block and with all that experience we’re super excited to watch her host India’s version of America’s Next Top Model.

As she turns 29 today (sharing her birthday with our very own, Aanam!), let’s take a look at some magazines that this gorgeous woman, a.k.a the of the Queen of the Covers has had us drooling over – keep scrolling!