Spending A Week In Cairns: The Great Barrier Reef, Adventure Sports & Port Douglas

I know this is going to be anti-climactic, but I have to kick off this story time by telling you that the one week I spent in Queensland with my husband Geraard, was probably my most fun travel experience this entire year! And that’s coming from someone who’s had 14 international trips between March and now (and the 15th one will finish off the year’s list in December, later this month)

Gerry and I were invited by Tourism & Events Queensland to explore quite a bit of their Tropical Far North region. We stayed between Cairns and Port Douglas and had a mix of romance, adventure and wild life in our seven day itinerary. It’s safe to say that our itinerary looked pretty promising. (Spoiler alert: it was way beyond the expectations) Before you go ahead and read this blog though, I’m going to strongly encourage you to take a few minutes out and watch my two part vlog that’s a visual summary of how this experience was. The first part of our trip was all about the beautiful Great Barrier Reef and some down time exploring in Port Douglas; while the second part sees me explore some hardcore adventure with me taking my first ever bungee jump with AJ Hackett as well as my experience with Sky Dive Australia. Watch those two videos and come back, this blog is going to stay right here (no, for real, go watch!)


Welcome back! (I’m optimistic, I’m going to assume you went and watched the vlogs) I’m going to ‘dive’ into a few of my personal highlights from this trip; making the shortlist was tough, but if you’re someone who is planning a trip to Australia, Queensland more importantly, this one’s going to be worth it, promise!

Getting there: We flew Singapore Airlines, and to say that this was comfortable would be an understatement. With super connectivity across Asia and so many other parts of the world, you can pick SQ itself or even one of its sister airlines (SilkAir / Scoot) to pick a convenient flight to your preferred destination. (FYI: SilkAir has daily flights to Cairns, which makes taking this route super easy if you want to head there right after reading this blog post ;)) Of course, there will be a pit stop along the way in Singapore though. Flying to Queensland Business Class style was such a luxurious experience. Whether it was the friendly staff or the amazing food, or (my favourite) the fact that I could lay on the flat bed and sleep comfortably thousands of feet high up in the sky – the journey was the perfect kick off for us!


The Sunlover Reef Cruise Experience at The Great Barrier Reef: Exploring the ocean is one thing, but having the right crew to guide you through your time there is another. You’ve seen the vlog now you know all about the inclusions (optimistic me!) that come with boarding on to th Sunlover Reef Cruises. One of the main things I’m going to insist you do though is stay the night! An experience like that is a once in a life time thing, and so so wonderful. To be able to sleep in one the swags, right under the stars, to the sound of the ocean is one of the most intimate-with-nature things I’ve ever done. The following morning will be where you get your privately hosted snorkel safari and the chance to make the most of the pontoon before the day guests come in. (PS: also advising you to book yourself a ride with Nautilus for a 10 minute helicopter ride to take in the view of this surreal location!)


A sunset sail in Port Douglas: By now you know how much I love the water, so it should come as no surprise that an evening sail was a pretty romantic way for us to spend the evening. We hopped on to this sail at the main port of Port Douglas and sailed through for about ninety minutes. As far as evening sunsets go, this was an easy 9 out 10 for us – all including the perfectly friendly staff, great weather and the food and drinks aboard.


Another place you should definitely make a visit to is Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures, that comes on the way from Port Douglas to Cairns. It was the perfect way to spend the day amidst nature, crocodiles, joeys and so many other beautiful creatures to observe (and even feed!) The vlog must have given you quite the insight into how crocodiles are ambush predators!


Bungee Jumping at AJ Hackett was wayyyy more exhilirating than I thought it would be! I was a complete nerve-ball seconds before my jump, but I’m so glad I didn’t let my fear get the better of me. BTW you should totally book yourself in for the fun Minging Swing which is right there too.


Kind of goes without saying but my Sky Dive Australia experience in Cairns is at a total tie with the bungee. I think the bungee was probably scarier to do because of how YOU have to make yourself jump, which is not the case with an expert sky diver, naturally. I’m working on a dedicated Sky Dive Q&A video for you guys, so stick around for that on my channel – more footage as well as the answers you’ve asked me on Instagram will be coming in.


Last but not the least, exploring the beautiful Daintree Rain Forest, the world’s oldest tropical rain forest was another one of the most close-to-nature experiences I’ve ever had. From getting to know more about the native cultures, to being able to get a gist of what their lives were like from one of their own. Apart from getting a guided walk through of this region (which you’ve seen in my first vlog), you can also go over it and experience some more bits of it while taking the Sky Train to or from Kuranda. There are two pit stops that you can make on either end: Red Peak and Barron Falls. I would strongly recommend you take the diamond coaches through this cable car experience, with which you have the view of the forest right below your feet! (swipe through in the image below)


I really hope you found this blog post helpful! Queensland was so lovely and I hope you’ll enjoy exploring it as much as we did. The place allowed us to experience not one, but two World Heritage sites: The Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rain Forest. I’m so happy and grateful to be able to have these experiences and share them with all of you amazing followers. I can’t believe this month has marked eight full years of me working on my blog, my baby. What started out as a hobby today is my job, and there aren’t enough thank you’s in the world for the digital family I’ve managed to build with all of you.

So stick around, because with more travels will come more details for you as well! Don’t forget to follow my IG for real time updates and send in your blog post requests to me when you think of something cool you want to know more on.

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