Say Cheese! | An Hour With The Dental Cosmetologist

Here’s the thing about pretty smiles: they’re very, very underrated! Have you evert noticed how certain people are so charming, and when you look closer, you find the most confident, radiating smiles!? Well, yes, that. That’s what we’re throwing light on today! Keep aside the skin, hair and nail routines, it’s time to acknowledge the few simple tricks to get the best smiles you’ll ever see; and what better way to do this than to speak with an expert, so for this specific post we sat with *Dr Shantanu Jaradi of Dentzz Dental Clinic and started to bombard him with all our queries. Here are snippets of the chat specially for you:

The Reception Lounge

The Reception Lounge At Dr Jaradi’s Clinic

Dr Jaradi started off with telling me about one of his very special clients (no, no, no names taken!) who came to him before going in for all her cosmetic surgeries. She decided to get her entire face fixed in different ways, and the only thing he told her was to let him fix the smile first, with the help of advanced-technology and most amazingly simple methods that his company offers. She agreed; and once she saw her all new smile she decided to put away the other surgeries, altogether – awesome, right? So anyway, I sat with the super cool doctor for about an hour and asked him all about the dental myths we hear, and got tips of how you can improve your smile and work on oral hygiene; here’s what I got:

– Massage your gums, don’t just brush your teeth: Be careful and do it right; don’t be too hard on your mouth while brushing your teeth, but don’t keep a hand too tender either

– Don’t brush all the time: A lot of people tend to brush after every meal – even the light snacks during the evening. Dr Jaradi suggests that we avoid brushing more than two to three times a day since it could really hamper the texture, look and feel of your gums

– Kya aapke toothpaste mein namak hai?: He suggests that we don’t go by all the ads we see (duh!) and that we take into account the reaction of our gums and teeth if we’re trying out any new products

– Cavities, ouch!: Well NOT so uh-oh! If identified and diagnosed ASAP, a cavity can be taken out without harshness and treated well within 10 minutes.. now that’s something I had no idea about!

Dr Jaradi's Clinic

Dr Jaradi’s Clinic

Apart from these simple tips, Dr Shantanu also suggests that we as style conscious people, shouldn’t just opt for a surgery because it’s what everyone is doing. Sit down and analyse your look; take into account the way your smile looks from both, a frontal and side view as well and then decide what you’d like to do next. Here’s a simple self-survey you should take to see what you feel about your smile.

*Dr Shantanu Jaradi is the founder of Dentzz Dental clinic and took out the time for me to take his interview between his very busy schedule. One of the main reasons he is as renowned as he is, is his advanced technology, the first of its’ kind to be accepted and used on a personal scale in the country. Moreover, his list of Bollywood clients can be read about here, too.

Dr Jaradi's Clinic

Dr Jaradi’s Clinic