Shilpa Reddy At Dubai India Fashion Week

“Been there, done that!” would be quite an apt statement for Shilpa Reddy’s tombstone. No, I’m talking about anything but the fact that this woman is capable if doing anything and everything, with a gazillion feathers in her cap! Wondering what I’m talking about? Well, some of you might remember that a couple of seasons ago, there was a designer who received a lot of praise and buzz about the fact that she show-stopped at her own fashion show. A lot of people knew her as a former Mrs India, some knew her as a Kingfisher model – you get the gist? There’s nothing this super woman hasn’t done!FI - 1

This time around, Shilpa Reddy has taken things to an international level: she show stopped once again for her own show, at India Fashion Week Dubai! With a beautiful collection being on display full of hand embroideries, gold detailing and garments that would make the bride-to-be’s dreams come true, her collection was a contemporary princess’s formula for quality and comfort.PicMonkey Collage

With earthy tones like greens, rusts and reds, Shilpa’s collection was completely in sync with what Winter Festive, as a theme is all about. With red rose motifs and delicate frame borders, we saw a sense of balance between the contemporary cuts and traditional designs. Personally, what stood out most for me was the strong use of Indian fabrics and rich use of raw silks and, chanderis and how well they were integrated with strong shoulders and the henna. Apart from this, the delicate jewellery that complemented the collection with grace was another +1 for the entire collection. 4Collage

We’ve been giving you updates from the show, before and after as well, and you know by now that the highlight of the evening was her show-stopping for herself, once again. We caught up with her over a quick call between her busy schedule, and asked her who she thought was her primary buyer, and her answer was quick and confident: “the modern woman with traditional values, knows her mind and finds balance between the different aspects to her life is the kind of woman my clothes cater to” – and we were bowled over!2 5

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