Specifique Delights

Every now and then, there are special things that come up, courtesy of my career in blogging, that have helped me reach out to products and services before a lot of others in the market can. I’ve had the chance to review products before they launch, experience services so I can tell you about it as well, and inform you about the pros and cons of many such experiences. One of the newest experiences I’ve had the chance to try out has been the Kerastase Specifique hair ritual (more details in the vlog!), one which focuses on the scalp condition and helps overcome any beauty troubles you might be facing in that department.

Hair loss & hair fall, oily & troubled scalps and dandruff are some of the most common problems. While some may be easy to overcome in just a couple of sessions, a few might need a little extra TLC. I met with Kailash from the Kérastase team at the K Hair & Scalp Institute to experience the service the Anti-Pollution Scalp Ritual last week. This treatment had my scalp condition diagnosed, which after being analysed and assessed carefully helped me understand the shortcomings of my roots, vis à vis my tresses. The Kérastase Institute was fully equipped with everything we needed for this hour and a half long session that educated me about my scalp more than I would have ever known.

Kailash assessed my scalp with the help of the K Camera, a smart device that allows you to zoom into the scalp and the roots by 400x by permitting you to see, and thus, understand the texture and type of care needed for your hair base. My hair had slightly oily hints, but was dominated by the drier textures. While this would normally be a great thing, because, as I was told, the combination is a healthy one, the worry for my hair toppling over to either side is still one I’d like to be careful of. To help me with the same, we started with the hair care session, here’s what it was like:

  • We started the session with the Kerastase Masquargil & Sonic scalp brush, which with the help of its clay like texture sets into the body of the hair, specially the roots, with much ease.
  • This then gets absorbed into the roots with the help of the scalp brush, and is easy to rinse off right after.
  • Next comes the Masque Hydra-Apaisante, which soothing scalp masque that was massaged onto my head gently. The slightly generous head massage to soak it in and optimise its nourishment of the hair. This, too, is washed out in about ten minutes time with the help of a shampoo.
  • Last but not the least comes the Micronizer, which is the finishing and most technologically advanced tool of the process. The air brush like device focuses on each part of your hair, and sprays out the cure (basis your hair type) in a targeted manner. Each spray from this device is 170 times smaller than a single water droplet, and it works best for a concentrated method on strengthening your roots against the specific problem. This product can be left in your hair until the next wash, and doesn’t need to be rinsed out at all.

All in all this experience is something you want to try, if you want to get your scalp to feel the same way mine did! (#LOVE!) If you like the sound of this experience, the good news is that you can try it too! Go over to the website and check where the nearest K salon is. Book yourself an appointment before all of it gets full!

Photos: Clicked by Disha Vaswani | Edited by me