Sponsored Content FAQ

“Why do you tie up with brands for your blog?”

As a full time blogger and YouTuber, I have to find ways to monetize my content. While I retain the authenticity of my opinions 100%, I find it beneficial to me as well as my followers and audience at large, that I am giving them a detailed insight into some of the products, services and/or experiences that I may have come across. You could look at this as a little peek into the world of fashion, beauty, travel, lifestyle from the real girl perspective – because I’ll never fake an opinion.

“How do you make money from your blog and/or YouTube channel and/or social media?”

I often tie up with brands for sponsored content that I think fits my personal choices and brand positioning. This is how What When Wear makes majority of its income.

“How do you select which brands to work with?”

Of all the inquiries my team and I get for collaborations, I think we take up around 40-50% of them. We sift through the list for brands we think are (A) the right fit for me personally, so I can connect with them and help promote organically (B) the product or service also needs to benefit my audience, I wouldn’t want to promote something that I think adds zero value or information into your lives.

“What’s the brand collaboration process like for the ones you decide to take on?”

In a lot of cases, I’m already familiar with the brand products/services – these ones make my job easier because I only need to be inducted with the campaign details. After getting these details, I can decide whether or not I want to take up the assignment. In a case where the product/service is unfamiliar┬áto me, my team & I make it clear to the brand in advance that only after research or trial, will I revert to them with my interest – or lack of it. This makes me sure of the brands I’m promoting on my social media and/or blog and/or YouTube channel.

“So is it safe to assume you endorse every product or service you talk about?”

Absolutely! I discuss products and services that I like genuinely, even if I’m not getting paid to say it. I believe that my role as a blogger/YouTuber is completely lost if the opinions I’m putting forward are not authentic in nature.

If you have a question like any of the above, go ahead and shoot me an email on aanamc@whatwhenwear.in