Styling 101: Girls Night Out Or An Event – We’ve Got You Covered! #SwarovskiStyleYourWayToParis

Dressing up in general is super fun, but it’s even more fun when you get to do it with your girlfriend(s). Picture this: Friday night, you have to go out and so does your BFF, and both of you are listening to your favourite playlist and making the most of this fun, backstage kind of vibe – sounds fun, doesn’t it? Well, that was exactly the vibe Sanaa and I had going on when we were filming this super fun video to open out the voting for Swarovski’s Style Your Way To Paris contest!

After spending a few days together, working on the concept of this video and putting together looks for each other, I think it’s safe for me to say that I can trust Sanaa with styling me on a day when I’m feeling rather brain dead. And even though we went left and right through each other, debating between colour palettes and outfit options, the sync we shared was just perfect! Creating a girls’ night out look (for Sanaa) and a social butterfly one (for myself) couldn’t have been this fun if it wasn’t for my adorable mentee, Sanaa Khan from Haulte Culture. Watch this video to know how it all went through:

Now here’s where I need your help: I need you guys to click on the title of the video above, go over to POPxo‘s YouTube channel and click on the thumbs up icon (Like button!) below the video OR you can even like the video on Facebook – it’s really just that simple! Each of these votes brings #TeamMumbai a step closer to being on the top of the charts for coming closer to attending Paris Fashion Week, courtesy of course, of Swarovski India! You can also go over to Facebook and hit LIKE on the video there – the more votes, the merrier!

I’d like to give Chambor a special mention here, for making my team mate, Sanaa and I look great for the camera! And a very special mention for their most amazing line of lipsticks, which are absolutely breathtaking!

Don’t forget that you can get all the information on the contest from the main website! Get Voting <3

Until next time xA