SummeRelief : Red Om Souk

This summer’s been pretty much a drag for those of you who are struggling with their academics – be it your graduation exams (include me in that list) or just your annual finals. And for those of you who are fortunately done with your share of the teacher-score-rat-race, the heat of Bombay City must be draining the happiness out of you (include me in that list too!). So today I’m bringing in good news for all you fashionistas who much like me, don’t need a specific reason to shop.

I’m sure everyone knows about Red Om, and the fact that their events are delightful to attend – be it a party at a night club, or a private affair. So this summer they’re debuting with their first ever fashion get together! The Souk is planned out for the 15th of April at Opa, Juhu, Bombay and with the plans they have, it sure seems like a promising one. There’s going to be a varied range of clothes, jewelry, beauty, gift and even kids’ stalls that are definitely set to make each of our pockets lighter by the time we head back home!

While some of us prefer to go all spend-thrift at events like these, I’m sure a lot of you readers are into being on the other side of the table. But don’t fret, Red Om is open to having more designers, artists, brands and stores get on board and showcase their collections at this fashion gala – all you need to do is roll up those stockings and get set!

For those of you interested in being part of this affair, drop in an email to me at and I’ll make sure you get exactly what you want. In the meanwhile, stay tuned for more updates on this one.

Until later!

Yours Fashionably,

– A

Rem Om's Souk | Online Blogging Partner : Fashionably Ever After

Rem Om's Souk | Online Blogging Partner : Fashionably Ever After