Ten Hairstyles That Can Never Go Out Of Style

With every season in fashion we come across new styles and garments. They entice us for a certain period of time and before we know it another fad has already begun. What about approached that have stuck throughout? We bring to you ten hairstyles that never go out of fashion!

Keira Knightley's Bob

The Bob

The Hollywood star Keira Knightley who ceaselessly sports this look had her locks lopped into this shapely bob. This hairstyle makes it onto our list because this face-framing cut immensely flatters the jawline and gives it definite shape adding style and edge to its overall appeal!

Aishwarya Rai's soft waves

The Soft Waves

Soft waves are the perfect subtle feel to a look that compliments any kind of dressing style. What we love is its non-overpowering and its under-toning quality that almost softens any face and makes it look effortless and chic.

kareena kapoor smooth center part

The Smooth Center-Part 

Probably one of the most effortless of all is the smooth center-part, this one can also have as much of a wow factor than that of an intricate updo. It rightly set a frame for the face making it look sleek and solid. This one works best with lustrous hair making it shine beautifully.

Beyonce's Two-Toned Ringlets

The Defined Curls

They are voluminous, they are fearless, they are unusual, they are in your face. They are everything we love! The defined curls are not restricted to a particular style but can pull off versatile styles that gives an extra definition and a sure head-turner. These are best left untied.

Kerry Washington's Blunt Bangs

The Fringe

The fastest way to update your hairstyle is to get a fringe. Even if its thin or thick or swept sideways it adds an interesting element to the overall look because it always makes one look a little different than before. It’s funky, it easily transforms the look of the face. This makes it onto our list for the most convenient ‘upgrade your look’ and cannot easily fade away.

sonam kapoor's long locks

The Long Strands

Long hair that most girls wish for simply because one cannot get enough of this look. Its linked way back for its quality of adding femininity. It may have its side effects of taking extra care but this can never escape this list for being timelessly classic.

MEDIUM-Amy-Adams- sleep ponytail

The Ponytail

We’re not talking about a ponytail that’s been way tufted at the top of your head making you look funny. We’re talking about sleek, chic, casual and messy ponytails that now are perfect for any formal or informal outing. Simple and fuss-free, wear it with confidence and it looks as done up as any other hairstyle.

Anne Hathaway's Tousled Pixie

The Pixie

Now this one has been the most talked about of them all. This super short style shows off the detailed features of your neck and shoulders all the time and now invariably discards the old-age theory. This one makes it onto our list because this sure needs to be carried off with boldness.

priyanka chopra layered cut

The Layered Cut

What we love about this hairstyle is the natural it flaunts for a face. It gives the hair the ultimate bounce needed instead of a flat out hair, making it look healthier. Layers have been here for quite sometime making it in our classic list because of its versatility and ease.

the bun

The Bun

The bun or chignon are chic and easy to do. Both of these within themselves incorporate various styles and looks for the same making it the most versatile look of them all! We had to get this onto the list because its been revamped so many times and yet remains timeless.