Dressing up everyday is something that I personally enjoy. But like most of us, I have a day here and there where I like the break, and make the most of it. Those are the days you’ll find me in my PJs, sitting on my desk with a pizza on one side and my laptop on the other. Life is all about the balance, isn’t it?!

The subject of balance brings me to the topic of balanced wardrobes. The need for everyday styles as well as formal looks for work. A little bit of street style, a little of chic, feminine looks and also the slightly more grunge ones. All those of you who have been following my blog for a while now, know well enough that I have my days for each of these. If I had to describe my personal style in a phrase, I’d just say moody! To exemplify, let me tell you this: when I got my hands on this checkered shirt-dress, I thought I would style it up for a work look. I was thinking of a top knot, nude lips, cat eyes and a subtle highlight. I was thinking of a pair of high pumps and an overall, #GirlBoss, feminine look. But when it came to wearing the outfit, my mood had switched up. I thought of a girl-on-the-go, who’s making the most of fall with those boots. Someone who’s in between things all day, hence the tote. Who’s effortless with her dressing, as the messy hair might show, but also a look that mixes comfort with chic – much like what the waistband stands for.

Speaking of variety, let me tell you that walking into a Latin Quarters store can be quite a joy for someone who loves it, and quite confusing for someone who’s not good with ‘picking between’. Their new #SlayAllDay Autumn/Winter 2017 collection will show you the most interesting set of prints, ranging from florals to geometric prints. With their colours and textures being high on contrast, you’ll see an interesting array of fabrics and textures. While a lot of people may shy away from mixing these elements together, I thrive in the joy of trying my hand at it – and so I did. I wore this high-low shirt dress from their new collection and mixed it up with a high of feel, well texturized bag. If you want to see their new line, click here, or simply walk into their nearest store!

Styling, makeup, hair and model: Aanam C / Dress and bag: Latin Quarters / Boots: Forever 21 (Bangkok, Thailand) / Photos: Clicked by Disha Vaswani; Edited by yours truly! 🙂