The Backstage Life

Fashion week in general is always fun, so when you get to go backstage and experience the madness from the other end of things, you know your the level of fun you’re having can only be escalated. From the rehearsals to the hair and makeup, watching the models from their glamorous on-runway avatars to the process of how it is they get there, is an evolution of its own kind. So when I was invited by Bed Head By TIGI to come experience the magic this season, I wasn’t going to refuse! Here are a few key highlights I witnessed and loved from Day 3 at fashion week, don’t forget you got the details straight from the horse’s mouth:

The sleek tops: The sleek finish at the crown of the head with the sides is something I truly admire. The look creates a futuristic feel while the high-volume-back has a vintage appeal going for it.

TIGI at Lakme Fashion Week 1

The techno touch: The detailing with the bobby pins is something that’s just so techno, it made me want to try this criss-crossing at home, too. If you’re aiming at trying to use this look, don’t forget to use the Hard Head spray which will help keep the look neat and sleek for longer.

This is what the final look was like at the time of the show:

The doodles: It’s not the easiest thing in the world to make curls that look oh-so-natural. With the high glam rollers, it’s a lot easier to use a tong or some mousse and get your curls in place, but when it comes to your just-out-of-the-shower kind of looks, you need to get them tresses just right. The first step in achieving this look for the runway was all about the fun doodles the hair artists from team Bed Head By TIGI made with little strands of each model’s hair. This in itself looked like the fun bit to me.

TIGI at Lakme Fashion Week 4

Twist, turn, go: The twisting, turning and rolling up to clip was the most fun bit of this step. With a little dash of the After Party Smoothening Cream, the hair was ready to be rolled back out in just a few minutes.

The look: had a subtle yet seductive vibe going for it. Teamed with the smoked out eyes and blurred outline, along with those gorgeous clothes, the whole look was sensational as a whole.
TIGI at Lakme Fashion Week 5 TIGI at Lakme Fashion Week 6

All in all the day from the other side of the runway was a fun one. From the behind the scenes chaos to the uniformity in every look, the paparazzi backstage taking in as many bites and snaps as they could (me included!) was a whole lot of fun. If you want to know more about the hair trends and key highlights for the season with the world of hair, go ahead and follow the fun team of Bed Head By TIGI through their Facebook and Instagram profiles.