The Best Jewellery Moments From The Oscars 2016

Now that you’ve seen the gowns in all their sequinned glory and done your research to find a dupe for Priyanka Chopra‘s exquisite lip colour, we dug out a little more things for you to love from the red carpet of the Oscars, apart from the Best Dressed list we already shared with you. No ensemble is complete without the right accessories and these A-listers take their jewellery very seriously to that effect. Serious enough to bear the responsibility of putting on somethingĀ that costs millions of dollars – ask our very own desi girl, PeeCeeĀ and songstress Lady Gaga and they’ll be sure to agree! From serpent cuffs to 30 carat diamonds, here are the best jewellery moments from the 2016 Academy Awards: