The Big Six

Six yearsssss is a along time, for most things in the world. And today, I complete the sixth year of being an independant Indian blogger. As someone who started out her blog with fashion as a main focus, I realise I have grown over the years into trying my hand at beauty, lifestyle, travel and the luxury segments. Over the course of this half a decade (and a little more), I’ve had the opportunity to try new things, meet new people, get to know some of the most brilliant brands in the country, and I found a space for myself that didn’t require for me to be on the ‘inside’ of anything but my own ideas and how I could possibly execute them. The beauty and simplicity of being in the blogging industry, as of 2017, is somewhat of an algorithm that can be only be figured out in one way – through your intuition.

I started out as a photo blogger, but expanded into the video horizons pretty early in my blogging career. I worked as a freelancer for a couple of YouTube networks before finally jumping in to the other side on my own, and started work on my own YouTube channel. As fate may have it, I took sometime getting familiar with the platform. It was different from what I was used to, but had a beauty if its own – that I knew for sure. But, over the past five to six months, after the love has been pouring in from your end on the direct messages and emails, I have realised that my regularity on YouTube is being tracked and appreciated – and I have nothing more than abundant gratitude to give back to all of you for always being the most supportive people in the world, my internet fam!

Today, as I sit on my bed at a hotel in Bikaner, fully dressed and about to step out for the first function of the long weekend (I’m here for a friend’s wedding), I realise that even though my YouTube upload couldn’t go through today because of the patchy internet service, and I could barely get a simple post out on my social media all day, so, so many of you have been kind enough to flood my Instagram with messages about congratulating me on my journey this far. I had to find a way to say thank youuuuu to all of you. So I’m using the photos I was going to use for another story today (as transparent as this can get, right?) to tell you that I love you the most. And I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing on a full time basis if it wasn’t for the way you have welcomed me with every new post. The way you come up to me and introduce yourselves, or take photos when you see me around the city, or different countries, warms my heart and gives me the courage to think that I might be doing something right! I couldn’t not have a post going up on my main channels today to tell you how grateful I am to have all of your support and encouragement every single day. I will happily battle with every troll out there on the internet, knowing fully well that I have more family here than silly cyber bullies. Which brings me to remind you that I am hosting a meet & greet in 8 days from today: if you live in Bombay or will be visiting on the day, I really hope you’ll join me – I would love to know you, the way you know me <3

Outfit: Vidhi Wadhwani / Makeup & hair: Naima Rahimtulla / Earrings: Bohemian / Photos: Harshad Sutar / Co-ordinated by Payal Parkar & Disha Vaswani