The Dark (Lips) Fantasy

It’s the newest fall trend, and if you’re a 90’s kid, a sense of deja vu is eminent. If you’re not, but you wished you had been a high-schooler in the time of dark lipsticks and chokers, rejoice – the dream is back! (sans the chokers, thank God)

The Dark Lips Trend started out a little while back, when every time a celebrity was seen, it was with a lip shade darker than their previous one. The shades kept getting darker, and we kept falling more in love with each hue. Scroll down to take a dive and delve deeper with us into the nostalgia of the alluring dark romance of this new trend.

Red The Dark (Lips) Fantasy

The Red: This was where the dark lips trend started, or more to say, was reinvented. Right here, with your reds. Well, we aren’t really that surprised. Hasn’t everything good and pretty always come out of the reds? Of course it has.

Kristen Stewart Red The Dark (Lips) Fantasy

The Celeb Red: Kristen Stewart shows us exactly how to pull this beauty look off with her stunning sense of style. Make note ladies, for a day look like hers, minimalistic eye makeup is your new best friend.

Burgundy The Dark (Lips) Fantasy

The Burgundy: For those of you who want to make a noise about how burgundy is just another shade of dark red, hush. No, its not. And somebody needs to get you a Pantone Colour Guide, stat! Your dark burgundies are way more flexible than your reds. Wear them with a clear face or with some dark, heavy makeup, they work fabulously either way.

Cara Delevingne Burgundy The Dark (Lips) Fantasy

The Celeb Burgundy: She’s the fashion world’s darling dearest. So it makes sense to trust her blindly about styles, trends and beauty looks, don’t you think? Cara Delevingne creates the perfect sexy chic look by pairing up her matte dark burgundy with some fantastic lash action.

Plum The Dark (Lips) Fantasy

The Plum: We don’t know about you, but our favourite thing about this shade is the gorgeous stain-sheen effect it provides. Go matte if you feel like it, but we would definitely recommend a plum gloss instead any day.

Chanel Iman The Dark (Lips) Fantasy

The Celeb Plum: You see, plum’s a choosy shade like that. It needs its dark outfits to shine. Chanel Iman shows us exactly how to please this shade in this look; just give your plum another plum. Together, they will make sure you’re a very happy woman.

Purple The Dark (Lips) Fantasy

The Purple: We’re sorry, ladies, but if you’re a Charlotte (yes, that’s a SATC reference), you might want to skip this one and go back to your pastels. This gutsy shade is meant for the Lorde’s and the Lana’s, and of course, the Carries. It’s a tough one, but be patient and keep trying. You’ll find your purple haze sometime soon.


The Celeb Purple: Well, of course. If anyone was going to rule this shade, it had to be Lorde. Actually, it was so obvious that MAC titled this shade ‘Lorde Pure Heroine’ and got it out in their stores.

Brown The Dark (Lips) Fantasy

The Brown: We know it sounds like a safe colour, but don’t get too comfortable. You got to be careful with this one. It can make a look go from drab to fab instantaneously, but it works just as fast in the opposite way too. Pair it with a neutral outfit and minimalistic makeup, and let the colour pop to make this shade work in your favour.

Rihanna Brown Th Dark (Lips) Fantasy

The Celeb Brown: Rihanna can be called the queen of the dark lip trend, and no one will question her authority. After all, anyone who can rock a shade like that has to have a crown, don’t you think?