The Do’s and Dont’s Of Wearing Sneakers

Just like every girl out there, we love our heels. They are trendy, have a beautiful arch, and more importantly, they look great with anything. But let’s be honest, ladies, they don’t exactly feel as great as they look, now do they? We have come across a lot of fashionistas who truly believe that the more uncomfortable a shoe is, the prettier it looks. But we don’t agree. We base our disagreement of the aforementioned hypothesis on one of the most revolutionary footwear trends to hit the sartorial societies in recent times; the sneaker. You’ve read the blog before, you know what we’re talking about. However amazing this trend is, it is also quite tricky. Thus, we decided to update ourselves, and you, on the rulebook to wearing sneakers, and came up with our very own list of do’s and dont’s  for wearing sneakers. Read on:


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Have fun with print: We don’t know about you, but we love a good print. And why should we have to restrict our love to tops and skirts and dresses, when print looks so good on shoes as well? You can go cute with an multi-coloured geometric print, or if you’re into fandoms, you can show your pride with graphic fandom shoes. They look amazing, you know?

The Do's and Dont's Of Wearing Sneakers

Try some neons: An absolutely gorgeous colour scheme, neon especially goes well with shoes. The vibrant hues bring the lustre to the entire outfit and can often help make your footwear the focal point of your OOTD.The Do's and Dont's Of Wearing Sneakers

Metallic is your friend: Metallic toed sneakers can easily be called footwear’s greatest revolution. The metallic touch transforms sneakers, which are conventionally day shoes, into the perfect night party footwear. The Do's and Dont's Of Wearing Sneakers

Show off your socks: We can safely say that the days of hiding your socks inside your shoes are well behind us. With fantastic prints and gorgeous graphics, socks are the new ‘it’ thing. So go on, don’t hide them under your sneakers; show them off.The Do's and Dont's Of Wearing Sneakers


Just stick to whites: Though we are big fans of minimalism, sneakers are the one place where we will beg you to stray away from the perfection of simplicity. White shoes are commonplace and overdone. And with the wide variety of sneakers available today, graphic, neon, print, and more, we would like to take the chance to encourage you to experiment with them.The Do's and Dont's Of Wearing Sneakers

Wear the same sneakers for work and play: We get it. Sneakers were originally (only) workout footwear. But we would like to stress on the word ‘originally’ in the former statement. Times have changed, and the most important aspect of being a fashionista is to change with the times. Invest in some different kinds of sneakers so you can wear a pair no matter where you’re going, be it a date, or an all-night party.The Do's and Dont's Of Wearing Sneakers

Be scared to make them the focal point of your outfit: Sneakers can make gorgeous focal points to an outfit. In fact, keeping your outfit minimalistic and going ballistic with a pair of crazy sneakers is quite the trend. You should try it out too.The Do's and Dont's Of Wearing Sneakers

Worry about wearing them with skirts and dresses: You need to tell anybody who ever told you that sneakers should not be worn with skirts and dresses to take a hike, stat. The ‘jeans and sneakers’ angle to fashion is boring, and quite frankly, very outdated. Don’t get pulled into the trap of conventionality, and definitely not with sneakers.The Do's and Dont's Of Wearing Sneakers