The Indonesian Diaries (:

Those of you who are following me on Twitter, Instagram and have even subscribed to my Facebook Updates know why I’ve been MIA lately. For those of you who aren’t…. (why aren’t you following me again?) I’ve been on vacation – and may I add,  a much needed one!

Indonesia for me this October meant 10 days in Bali & Jakarta. With beautiful beaches, hills, markets and spas in Bali; and a dear friend’s wedding in Jakarta, this trip was everything I needed to get away from Bombay’s monotony. It’s been over a whole year since the last time I went out on holiday mode (last June to Hong Kong, to be precise); and since then it’s been 16 months of studying for my graduation (got done with that this June), working and some more working. And did I mention, working? So, well, yes. You get the picture.

I don’t ramble enough about my personal life on this blog, so this time I thought of giving you guys a little insight to my vacation. Hence the babble.

BTW, some news you’ll be interested in: Fashionably Ever After Store is on it’s way back for round two. Make sure you stay tuned for all the updates that will come up soon via our social media.

Yours Fashionably,

Aanam C (: