The London Work-ation

London is always just as is, it’s typical own London. From the sunshine to the unpredictable rain, everything about the city spells excitement in every way for someone who likes a good trip that involves a little bit of everything. My travels from the last fortnight were a little bit of that and a lot more. You already know all about how I got the chance to watch Djokovic and Federer play live, but what you might not know is that I chose to extend my stay in London Town for a little longer, to make the most of everything Allen Solly had arranged for me – remember I told you about how I was going to fill you up on this later? Well, this is later. Here are some highlights from the trip that I’m sure you travel bugs will want to know all about:


I’m a sucker for all kinds of #CloudPorn images, and my flight from Madrid to London was no exception.(If you ever see the photo Gallery on my iPhone, you’re going to judge me so much! #LOL)

Foodie like me?:

Here’s a place I recommend for every food lover to go to while in London! Quite the perfect mix of delicious vegetarian as well as non vegetarian food.

The Wimbledon store:

If you’re around Zone 3 the next time you’re in London, don’t forget to take a peek into the Wimbledon store. They have everything that spells Sports Luxe for the everyday fashionista as well as sports lovers here.

Wimbledon and Southfields in general:

The area around this place is worth a walk too, you’re going to love how everything has a town-ish vibe and looks like a pretty set from a Brit movie!

High tea? Why not!

I didn’t know whether or not I could call myself a complete high tea lover, but after this evening, I’m sold!

For the love of chocolates:

Here’s another quick stop you need to make at Covent Garden if you love chocolates, strawberries or have a sweet tooth in general.

Adventure lovin’:

Last, but definitely not the least: an amusement park lover like me fell even more in love with roller coasters at Thorpe Park in London. You’ve got to go ahead and spend a day here on your next trip!
PS: Make sure you get there at sharp 10am, because they close on time at 5pm, and you’re headed for some really long queues despite the fast track passes!

On a last note,  I just want to say thank you to the Allen Solly team for flying me in for the wonderful trip. It was a whole new experience to watch the Wimbledon matches live, and it’s going to be an experience to remember forever! If you want to know the connection between the brand and the event, I’d recommend all of you to go check out the Wimbledon line by the brand – you’re going to love it!