The Prep-For-The-Wedding Skin Care Party

The weekend has been an interesting one for us; with wedding planning having kick started in full force (finally, considering we have only a little over three months to go!) and a couple of sub-events we’re working on to get the celebratory mood kicked in. One of the first things we wanted to do, was thank our friends for taking the time out to come forward and help us amiss a bundle of chaos in all our schedules. While Gerard is headed to Sri Lanka with his friends in December, I’ll be jet setting off to Bali next month – clearly, we’re both beach babies – and one of the things that crept up my mind was that both of easy-tanners are going to need some crazy amount of TLC once we’re back. In fact, considering the preparations for the wedding in general, we thought for it to be a good idea to get our travel kits in place, with special emphasis on our travel friendly skin care regimes.

Forest Essentials, a brand we’ve been working with closely for a few weeks now, was kind enough to invite all of us over to their Bandra store and set up a little one-on-one session with their in-house¬†dosha¬†and skin care expert, Dr Akanksha. She took everyone through the various groups of skin and skin personalities and conducted a very informative session for us. Dr Akanksha also took a few of us on one-on-ones to address any special concerns with regards to tress and skin stress(es) and gave us simple solutions that would brighten up anyone’s day (and skin ;)). With a special focus on their festive collection, we were also taken on a tour to their new launch of products and adorable small to large sized kits that make for great gifting items through the season to come. With a special session for skin and hair lines up for Gerard and I, we know we’re going to be spoilt rotten, and we’re totally looking forward to it. Scroll on for the pictures from the event: