The Top 5 Major Don’ts Before Going For A Date

Dates are tricky. There’s a whole list of things that you should be doing and yet another of the things that you should not be doing, and innumerable lists of things in the middle. Of course, it is extremely important to know what to do, but nothing is more important than knowing what to absolutely not do before a date. We list out the top 5 for you, so that it will only take you the effort of avoiding these things to have that perfect date:

Beauty Experiments: We know how your thought process may work. As women, we tend to wait for a special occasion to mix up our daily beauty regimes and try something new. And a date seems like the perfect opportunity to get that gold facial, doesn’t it? No. It doesn’t. Repeat that to yourself till you start believing it. Trying out any new beauty regime always comes with the risk of it not working well for your skin. And you definitely do not want to turn up to your date with an inflamed forehead, now do you?The Top 5 Major Don'ts Before Going For A Date

Reply to a text from the ex: Unless you want your date to go horribly, replying to  a text from your ex just before a date is the worst idea you could have ever had. You will not be as breezy as you think you are going to be, and you are definitely going to end up going to your date with a plethora of pent-up, unresolved issues, which are extremely effective in ruining your date. Don’t do it.The Top 5 Major Don'ts Before Going For A Date

Rely on last-minute shopping: You know you should go out and buy something for your date tonight, but you’re so tired, and your bed is so comfortable, and you really don’t feel like stepping out, right? You’re sure you can cram in an hour of shopping before your date tomorrow if you leave the office early, right? Wrong. Your boss is going to call you for back-to-back meetings tomorrow, and you’re probably going to end up leaving an hour later than usual. Why do you want to risk it? Just go shopping today.The Top 5 Major Don'ts Before Going For A Date

Try out a new look: Just as is the case with beauty experiments, makeup experiments are a big pre-date no-no. We know just how badly you’ve been waiting to try that new shade of goth purple lipstick, but right before a date is not the time to put it on for the first time. Makeup takes time; it takes patience, effort and a keen sense of experimentation. You’re not going to get the look right in the first go. And this is simply not the time. The Top 5 Major Don'ts Before Going For A Date

Overthink: We get it. You’ve just planned a date with someone new and exciting, and he makes you feel things you have never felt before. (More so because the beginning of everything is just so amazing!) And we know just how easy it is to make up ideas in your head of how he must be, and how easily the two of you will fall in love, and how perfect your life would be.. but do yourself a favour: rein in those horses! Don’t think so much. Go slow, go steady, and get to know him for who he is. That’s the only way this will work out.The Top 5 Major Don'ts Before Going For A Date