The Wedding Affair

Weddings have got to be special, no matter what. Whether it’s a lavish, big scale wedding or a small intimate one, every girl plans out every aspect of her outfit from head to toe with impeccable detailing. The Indian bride’s makeup, hair, clothes and shoes are never complete without the one element we all look forward to: the jewellery. Be it a wedding in the family or a close friend’s, even more so when it’s your own, you want all the jewellery you invest and indulge in to be your style. From the look of it to the stones, from the intricate designing or the solid framework; every piece of jewellery a woman invests in, takes in a little bit of her, and grows to be among the cherished pieces from her much loved treasure chest.

With bridal styling and shopping being the need of the hour this wedding season, I took up the chance to go explore The Wedding Collection by Tanishq at their Andheri Store, here in Bombay. With a varied set of options in every kind of fine jewellery there is, the brand brags of having options so diverse that every woman will find something to suit her taste buds. From the Nakashi Gold Temple work that appeals to the South Indian women, to the Polki work (also known as uncut diamonds) that are more popular among Muslims, Gujaratis, Punjabis and Rajasthanis, from the gorgeous Mangalsutras to the kangans and joodas, every woman that’s about to tie the knot will find something to suit her liking from their massive range.

I’ve got to be honest: As a child, I always wanted a lavish, XXL size wedding. But over the last few years I’ve grown to understand the importance of the day even more, and absorbed the fact that this day isn’t about celebrating with people who know just your first name. The way I visualise it today, I’d want my wedding to be a small sized, intimate affair of people I keep in touch with more than the others, and people who will be happy for the love and light I’m opening my heart out to. But one little aspect hasn’t changed at all between both the treatments of the D-Day in my head – just like any other girl, I’m going to want my outfit, and jewellery, to be nothing short of exquisite and an exemplification of its’ uniqueness. That is, after all, everything a girl could hope for, isn’t it? J D A G E I C K F H B

Make sure you stay tuned with Tanishq’s gorgeous ‘Hum Har Shaadi Ke Liye Tayaar Hai’ based Wedding Collection through their (very well done up!) Facebook page; you can also check out the complete range on their website.

Until next time xA

Photos by Megha Mehta