This Just In | Brandiktiv Lovin’

One of the most amazing things about being in the digital world is that you can catch up on anything, anytime, anywhere! You don’t have to be, or not have to be glued to a seat to know the happenings in another part of the world. And that’s exactly what a platform like Brandiktiv brings to you as well – something I’m currently digging

This new platform gives you the opportunity to just get style advice based on pictures of yourself that you upload, but also enables you to help others that come together and form a community. The coolest feature, of course, being that you can help one another with thoughts on outfits, suggest ideas, create conversations and discussions! Much like internationally acclaimed platforms, the very desi Brandiktiv also helps you reach out to your creative thoughts and create mood boards, collages and compilations of different product styles you’re loving! Apart from of course, benefiting the readers and members of the community they build, Brandiktiv gives out ‘Fashion Karma’ that enables you to get discounts, coupons and gift vouchers from all the brands they have tie ups with!Img1_1-1

Now here’s the coolest part:

Of course you all know that at What When Wear, you have your very own eStore where you can handpick things you love at such affordable rates. Now, with the launch of Brandiktiv, you can not just buy What When Wear items but also create collages out of them as well! Plus points for those of you who love to put together an entire ensemble before hitting the ‘Shop Now!’ button, isn’t it?

A virtual closet, a blog, collage making tools and access to international styles at the click of a mouse – if that’s not fab… What is?

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