“But Who Has The Time?”

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Every one complains about how ‘they don’t have time’ – to meet friends, to take a vacation, to spend time with family and the one I hear most often: to work out. I’m not one for resolutions, I believe in becoming a better person every morning and ideally, that should have nothing to do with the passage of one set of fifty two weeks; but being the social convention as it is, when I was asked about what I’m looking to change in my life this year I promptly replied, “making time for all the things I said I don’t have time for in 2014.” And I’m trying my best to stick by it.

The last vacation I took was an improv one to Istanbul in March 2013, and the one before that was when I was off to Bali in October 2012. Keeping in mind that I desperately need some time off, I’ve planned not one, but two getaways for the first half of 2015: I will be in Thailand through the end of February with my darling BFF Megha, and then I’m taking a week off to travel within the country to Chandigarh and Shimla with my family – and yes, you will very well be seeing a bunch of blog posts coming your way to highlight my travel experiences!

Another thing I’ve sworn to this year is to make more ‘me time’ – and I don’t just mean more time for myself to read books or introspect about my life; I mean giving attention to things like my health and my diet, too. While I’ve taken myself back to my love for reading over the past few months, I’m also trying to eat right and get fit. Not having had the chance (or yes, the time) to dance since June 2014, I decided to take up running, since I can do it as and when I please. While my talent of getting short of breath and making my legs hurt aren’t making me very proud of my stand as of now, I’ve taken things in hand and started two new things this year: swimming and weights. Apart from which I make it a point to make the most of the amazing weather in Bombay and also take morning walks as and when I can – what’s the point of being an early riser if I can’t start the day feeling fresh – right?

Until next time xA