To A Bright, New Year Ahead

2017 was an amazing year for so, so many reasons. It wasn’t just my most defining year on a personal front, but it was also¬†one that helped my baby (my blog) grow in so many new ways. For example, I’ve always loved the idea of of video content. Those of you who are from the OG group of followers (looking back at 2012-2013 here) might know that I’ve been associated with two different YouTube networks in the past. But I never some how could get myself to take control of my own channel – perhaps this was more of a drive thing, because video production is so much more challenging in terms of skill as well as time. But with 2017, I found my love for video content overpowering the management issues I’ve faced before. As someone who has always been hyper-organised, I took it up as a challenge to put my ducks (or videos!) in a row and get the content flowing. And I think its safe to say that I came as close as I could to doing exactly what I wanted with over 100 videos up over the 12 months. I’ve been fairly consistent over the last few months with not just regular video uploads and blog posts, but also in engaging with so many of you through my Instagram Live sessions. I’ve ‘included’ you on my live chats and literally FaceTime’d you with an audience (big high five to the new IG feature) – and all of this has been so, so exhilarating for me. 2018 has some big shoes to fill. But once again, I’m taking this up as one solid challenge!

In the year ahead, I’ve promised myself to be even more focused than before. I’ve decided that as a strategy, I’m going to set targets for myself. Targets for (hopefully!) a minimum of 6 videos on YouTube and (again, hopefully!) 5 blog posts per month. Even if I attain 80-90% of this, I know I will be happy. But the idea for me is to always set the bar slightly higher, so that I work with more effort, more heart and more ambition. Apart from this new found goal centric strategy, I make it a habit in general to maintain track of my daily work output. As someone who’s her ‘her own boss’, it becomes imperative for me find the motivation without being pushed for it. To know when to stop and call it a day, versus when to go beyond regular work hours. If you have your own set up, or have a friend who does – or even if you work at a small or mid sized company where you see the way everyone’s super-boss brings out the best in each person, you’ll know the kind of pressure any entrepreneur faces. And that, in itself is a beautiful adrenaline rush!

Without making this blog post any longer, I want to tell you that I hope that the year ahead truly counts for each and every one of you reading this. I hope that apart from good health, happiness and prosperity, it gives it you satisfaction with what you do. That 2018 makes you more ambitious, and helps you climb the ladders of success! Here’s to making every single day count ūüôā

Outfit: Seirra Thakur / Heels: RomWe / Rings: Bespoke fine jewels / Makeup and hair: Naima Rahimtulla / Nails: Paintbox Nail Studio / Photos: Harshad Sutar