Trend Alert: Culottes


“I am a strong woman with or without this other person, with or without this job, and with or without these tight pants!”

– Queen Latifah

Culottes are easily one of the biggest trends being spotted across the international runways, red carpets and celebrity wardrobes this season. Varying in length from short to the longer kinds, everyone’s stacking ’em up and wearing them in different ways. From shaping them up with smart blazers to cinching their shirts over a shorter pair; come summer, these babies are sure to replace denims in my wardrobe.. and maybe yours, too?


A lot of people have people have misconceptions about how ‘if you’re short, you should avoid wearing maxis, or pants where you’re ankles are bare’ – let me say this in clear words for all you average or less heightened ladies: it’s not true. Yes, height is of course a major factor in how a lot of cuts tend to look on you, but that’s doesn’t mean to have to dismiss a whole look, style or your favourite pair of pants based on that. You can cheat around with your look in a few key ways. What are these tricks I’m referring to? Well, for starters I would ask you to wear heels. And if that was too obvious, I’m going to remind you about the ‘nude footwear’ factor. For those of you who don’t know about this little trick as yet, let me bring it to you clean and simple: wearing nude footwear (ideally heeled!) gives the illusion of your legs being longer, thus, eliminating the whole ‘height factor’ entirely.


From the way I’m looking at it, my trip to Thailand next month is going to be full of culottes, taking the whole idea of eeky, sticky denims through the summer out completely. In the meanwhile, I’ve looked out at a few online stores and found my favourites for you guys:


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