Vitamin H

One of the first things that a person notices about you is the way you are dressed and how you’ve groomed yourself. How well you’re styled makes quite the impact – and I say this not just for the people who have jobs related to fashion, but for everyone in general. You would like to dress appropriately while going for an interview, a formal wedding function, or a casual coffee with your ‘peeps’, isn’t it? So I’m dedicating today’s blog post to be all about the one thing that I don’t think gets talked about enough when it comes to a look: your hair colour.

Having worked in the fashion space for about six years now, I think it might be safe to take my opinion into consideration when I tell you that the finishing touches of a look come with the properness of these little details. More so, having been a bride only recently, I can safely vouch for the fact that no complete look is ever complete at all without the perfect elements in place. Your makeup is important throughout every single outdoor day you may have in your life, but so is your hair colour! And ladies, I’m saying this for the bridesmaids as much as for the brides to be. When you’re looking to give your hair a whole new look, here are a few things you should consider keeping in mind:

  • The shape of your face: the way your face shape is naturally (read: no contouring/highlighting!) is extremely important. I’m sure you’ve seen your hairstylist touch your jaw and tilt your chin and neck in odd ways while considering your next look for you. Well, the same applies for a hair color and style as well.
  • Your skin tone: your hair color must absolutely complement your natural skin tone, and this one is an absolute non-negotiable. Consider the lighter as well as darker tones that might interest you, but remember to put some swatches next to your face to see how it might sit together with the look.
  • The whole look: Colouring your hair is a styling choice, so the overall aim of what you have in mind for this is really important. Just the way you take into consideration your lifestyle and utility factor for a haircut, also consider the same for your hair colour. A great hair colour can completely uplift your look – by lightyears!

I’ve coloured my hair on three to four occasions in the past, with my latest experience being that with Matrix. The brand has recently launched its Destination Brides, a range of looks for your hair. Destination Brides is a hair colour collection crafted by expert hairstylists, inspired from dreamy wedding destinations across the globe. This features three customised looks to make every bride look special on her big day which can transform you into a Modern Maharani Bride, an Ethereal Garden Bride or a Boho Beach Bride.

A few key tips that I want to leave you with before ending this blog post (this might get a bit long, I’m worried!) –

  • When you’re looking to colour your hair, give yourself one or two washes for the hair colour to come to its actual shade
  • Hair colours might look different under different lighting – much like makeup. So pick your shades under a natural (slightly yellow) light for the perfect pick
  • Your outfit, high heels and makeup all come together with this element completing your look; so you must factor in for the overall look no matter what. Having any one of these elements without the other will defeat the purpose, so make sure you’ve got your Glam Points on check!
  • If you want your hair colour to last longer, and look just as fresh, try out the Matrix Biolage Colour Last Shampoo & Conditioner; this will help keep your hair hue looking new, vibrant and super healthy
  • Oh and, follow Matrix on Facebook to get some tress inspiration on a regular basis! If you want to colour your hair, all you have to do is find your nearest Matrix salon and walk right in!

My hair colour: The Modern Maharani Bride look from the Destination Brides collection – Shades 4.35, 6.35 and 12.35

Hair styled by: Naima Rahimtulla / Photos: Clicked by Disha Vaswani; Edited by me 🙂