What’s Your Face Saying?

A glamorous look for events, shoots, parties, etc consumes effort. And effort requires products. Products require technique; and the chain goes on. But most of us like to look well groomed on a daily basis; without too much effort. I’m not wrong, am I? I’m just like one amongst you, I love to look pretty and dressed, and preferably, with minimal effort. So here’s my list of three must-do steps to make yourself look ‘spic and span’ in just a few minutes!

1) My base equipment: Lakme’s under eye concealer, face magic cream and a pat of compact are the perfect combination! They coincidentally are all from the same make, and thats probably why they blend in with SO much ease! Maybelline’s BB Cream is a great replacement of the face magic cream for a day you’re spending indoors too!

2) The eye team: A touch of kajal does wonders in changing the way your eyes look! I swear by Maybelline’s Colossal range for black, and the EyeStudio range for it’s beautiful colours! (I haven’t tried Lakme’s new Eyeconic range; anyone with reviews on that?) A stroke of eye gel and a hint of mascara; I’m usually done with just about that.

3) For luscious lips: I realized this while having Magz click these pictures, that both my current favourite shades are also from the same brand! A nude tan shade and a semi-glossed pink stick, they’re both from Colorbar USA. Personally, I think they’re totally worth the price and stay on pretty long even with all my eating and chatting.

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Yours Fashionably,

Aanam C