Winter Hair Care Has Never Been Easier

I’ve always maintained that the one element that can completely make or break your look is the way your hair looks. Its’ fall or the way it has been styled speaks volumes of your overall appearance. A bad hair day that has been left neglected has potential to ruin even one of your most glam makeup or outfit days! Today, I’m going to share with you a basic check list through which you will be able to keep an eye out on your hair. Getting your tresses to uplift their state and then maintain them is challenging enough, but this time of the year, when #WinterIsComing *wink wink* things are going to only get trickier. Keep reading for some quick points on what could help:

  • Regular lubrication: Whether you prefer hair oils or leave in hair masks, pick a team and stick to it. Having your hair go dry in this already drying weather is something no one wants to face. Pick a product that works well for your scalp as well as the strands of your hair and give your tresses the extra dose of nourishment they need. For me, oiling or masking (I shuffle between the two) once every week or ten days works brilliantly. Find a pattern that works for you and make it a point to follow it.

  • The perfect cleaning agent: The perfect shampoo-conditioner pairing is not a myth! Find yourself the product that works for your hair’s need. Read the ingredients, do a little research and very importantly – try the products out for at least a week before deciding whether you will stick to the combination or not. Last month, I started to use the Tresemme Botanique range of Shampoo & Conditioner, and I’m finding the natural elements of this range working well for me. My hair looks more lustrous, is working very well despite all of the heat it is usually exposed to and is feeling smoother, overall.

Pro tip: if you want best results, opt for a shampoo/conditioner set from the same range. Every brand usually produces them in a duo set to ensure that what the shampoo needs more of is followed up by the conditioner; and what the conditioner needs a supplement of, is preceded with the ingredients in the shampoo.

  • Style it right: Everyone is guilty of exposing their hair to more heat than they really should, but don’t fret, because there’s something you can do about it. Look into the best heat protectants in the market, through which you might be able to continue to style, but also make sure the health of your hair isn’t compromised.
  • Don’t tie ’em up: This might seem strange to some of you, but excessive tying can be pretty damaging for your hair. Through winter your scalp, just like your skin tends to dry up just a little more than the usual. This means that the root of your hair is also getting drier, and so, tighter. This can damage the elasticity of your hair and result in needless breakages. If you want to avoid this, try and keep your hair either open, or tied is more loose hairstyles than tight, excessively firm ones. And when you go to bed at night, make sure you don’t tie up at all!


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  • Last but not the least – listen to your hair: When you try a new product or if a new season has arrived, observe the way in which your body – hair included – reacts to the change. Just the way your skin needs the extra nourishment through the scaly days in the cold, your hair does as well.

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