Winter & Party Season Skin Care Tips

I’ve complained of dry skin since a very young age, but it’s only recently that I’ve learnt how to combat this skin concern. And it wouldn’t be possible without trial and error on a few products. But I’m glad to have finally found some products that I know will come to be rescue! After all, its the things you think of in an emergency that you know will come and save you. So to help you a little more on usage, I’m listing below some ideas on how you can incorporate these products into your every day lives:
– apply your lip balm and moisturiser at night before you go to sleep: this will give the products ample time to work on repairing and hydrating your skin and lip condition
– mix your moisturiser with a bronzer: this will smoothen out the application and also work as primer, which will make your bronzer stay in place for much longer
– if you have extra dry skin: don’t be afraid to re-apply your moisturiser every 4-5 hours. This will leave your skin feeling refreshed!

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