YouTube It!

Hiatus after hiatus, this summer is constantly keeping me on the move!

Well I’m finally back from my two week long pilgrimage, and I have news for you! Remember all those updates you saw on Facebook & Twitter about seeing me on an all new fashion portal? Well here it is: You can now not only read Fashionably Ever After for fashion forecasts, trend reports, DIY’s, etc; but you can also WATCH me giving out these tips and demonstrating different looks for you! Log onto YouTube’s most upbeat fashion channel, FashionTube, and catch up on your fashion updates as and when you like!

What’s more? There’s also CelebLook (a separate channel) for those of you who love to don looks inspired from various celebrities!

Make sure you keep yourself in the loop, this is something you definitely don’t want to miss!

Hope you like it!

Yours Fashionably,

– A